• image1 "Mind is a question. Heart is an answer. Our spirit is an experience." ... From the book 'Petals of the Heart'
  • image2 "Only those who can think ahead can change the world." ... From the book 'Petals of the Heart'
  • image3 "We are more than we think, believe and can imagine. We come to know this fact when we realise it and experience it." ... From the book 'IIP Part 1'

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What We Believe

CCA believes that a network of knowledge and skills acquired in an interdisciplinary environment best responds to the natural and cultural interdependencies of life. By integrating the natural sciences and technology, we can create innovative concepts of education and research and find new ways of living life, not only developing intelligence of mind, but also intuition of our hearts.

·         Improving access to education for all. Everyone in the world has the right to receive education be fed and sheltered.

·         Improving management of individual resources, encouraging manufacturing, buying and selling of materials in a more ethical manner.

·         Reducing humanity’s impact on the environment and our planet.

Healthy eating, which helps individuals to become aware of their own diet, nutrition and less burden on national health services and Recycling.