• image1 "Mind is a question. Heart is an answer. Our spirit is an experience." ... From the book 'Petals of the Heart'
  • image2 "Only those who can think ahead can change the world." ... From the book 'Petals of the Heart'
  • image3 "We are more than we think, believe and can imagine. We come to know this fact when we realise it and experience it." ... From the book 'IIP Part 1'

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CCA Values

We believe in:

·         The planting of more trees and preserving heritage trees

·         Reducing carbon footprint

·         Animal Welfare - treating animals with more compassion

·         Consumption of healthy food

·         Fair Trading - Encourage/promotion of buyers and sellers, both should have value and benefit; being aware of manufacturing process up to the end buyer

·         Respecting people’s beliefs and practices

·         The use of natural agricultural methods

·         Efficient use of water

·         Encouraging eco-friendly packaging and printing

Finding a balance

We believe in the practice and development of intuitive awareness.

Everyone knows the benefits of going to school, college or studying for a diploma. Education enables betterment of the human race, achieving knowledge of the world so as to share, care and contribute more within society.

When we are pulled too much towards the external life, living in a one-sided manner, entertaining ourselves in intervals between our work and our responsibilities, this in itself does not bring us complete fulfilment.

We feel, speak, think, say and do things; we are sentimental beings, with intuition, emotions and expression. Living is multi-faceted, the two main facets are: the internal life as we breathe in and the external life as we breathe out, both vitally important for us to feel fulfilled.

As conscious beings we need to pay attention to our inner growth to find peace. We will want to improve our positive thinking, emotional and physical health and move towards a deeper understanding of life.

We share, teach and train people to look into their inner realms of consciousness. After such study, through their own inquiry and experience they become transformed with new insights and inspiration.

Listening and sharing intuitively

Not always expecting people to help us, we should also help others.

Part of our happiness lies in the happiness of others, in helping people to become happier, more peaceful, positive and joyful.

We listen to those who are in need. It is not always sharing our views, worries or problems of life whether of family or professional or personal, listening to others can be the part of sharing. This part of service does not require one to have position, power or status or monetary resources to do so, just sparing a few moments in consciousness and sincerity will help others relieve their pressure, stress and strain or emotional burden. This helps us develop greater empathy. We have offered this service for many years.