• image1 "Mind is a question. Heart is an answer. Our spirit is an experience." ... From the book 'Petals of the Heart'
  • image2 "Only those who can think ahead can change the world." ... From the book 'Petals of the Heart'
  • image3 "We are more than we think, believe and can imagine. We come to know this fact when we realise it and experience it." ... From the book 'IIP Part 1'

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Aims and Objectives

We are a voluntary organisation concerned with raising conscious awareness of individuals, helping them to identify their role, significance, responsibility and their own unique positive potentials, meaning, purpose and truth, to contribute to the development of humanity in harmony with nature.

CCA Aims

·         To illustrate how uniquely special and resourceful all individuals are and how each of us can tap into this potential.

·         To convey the tangible benefits of meditative practice in maintaining mental and physical well-being.

·         To raise awareness about the role and responsibility of humanity to preserve nature.

·         To facilitate charitable events that increase awareness of our interdependence with nature, particularly focusing on environmental issues.

·         To encourage and inspire people to adopt a more positive attitude and greater enthusiasm to explore life’s purpose and deeper meanings.

CCA Objectives

The Centre will encompass many aspects of life, including:

·         Organic gardening

·         Herbal and alternative medical practices

·         Diet and nutrition

·         Exercise

·         Renewable energy

·         Eco-friendly living and houses

·         Recycling

·         Low impact lifestyles

We will host conferences, seminars, lectures and courses on:

·         Planetary custodianship

·         Personal development